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  • Eat small, frequent meals; hunger can worsen nausea.
  • Avoid fluids for 1 -2 hours before and after meals.
  • Consume plain, starchy foods (crackers, dry toast, Melba toast, rice, pasta or noodles, plain boiled or baked potatoes, unsweetened cooked or ready –to-eat cereals) during times of nausea because they are easily digested and unlikely to cause nausea.  Spicy foods can worsen nausea.
  • Decrease intake of fats and fried foods.  Fat delays gastric emptying and can increase nausea.
  • Minimize exposure to strong food odors.  Avoid cooking foods with strong odors during times of nausea, maintain adequate ventilation in the kitchen, and use lids on pots during cooking.
  • Avoid brushing teeth immediately after eating because this causes some individuals to gag.
  • Try salty foods (e.g., potato chips) or tart foods (e.g., lemonade), which are tolerated well by some women with nausea.